We are all part of our foster kids’ village and need to do our part to ensure these vulnerable youth have their basic needs met and are surrounded by people who care about what happens to them.  You can become a major part of that village by making a donation to Children’s Law Center of Minnesota.  Your donation is one way for you to help CLC continue to build stable villages around our youth.

Four Ways to Donate

Donate to Children’s Law Center online through Paypal


Paypal will process your donation and deposit directly to Children’s Law Center.

Credit Card
To make a donation using VISA or MasterCard, please call CLC at 651.644.4438, and ask to speak with our Office Manager.

To make a donation by check, mail to:

Children’s Law Center of Minnesota
450 North Syndicate Street, Suite 315
St. Paul, MN 55104

Donor Advised Funds

Children’s Law Center does not charge any legal fees to the children it represents. Zero dollars. Donations from individuals, corporations and community groups ensure that Children’s Law Center will be able to continue providing quality legal representation to children in Minnesota. Children’s Law Center operates as a 501(c)(3) corporation, FIN 41-1761589 and thus, all donations are tax deductible.